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Teresa Barnes

Glass fusing and slumping

is the art of creating works both functional and artistic using colored glass.  More versatile than leaded or stained glass because of the ability to shape and meld the glass, use colored glass powder to create shadow, and generally being able to paint with glass is very esxciting  The results, whether fanciful character studies or a set of one of a kind sushi dishes all share the same dedication and attention to detail that has been the hallmark of her work  Of course, the colors and sparkle are always there.

About Teresa Barnes

Teresa is an artist that loves to work in three dimensional media.  She is comfortable creating art in either clay or glass.  She is an excellent teacher, but is always ready to increase here skills by furthering her own arts education.  She has gone from simply designing dishes and vases in glass to creating the most beautiful picturesque scenes in glass  When you consider the difficulty of making glass do what you want it to do instead of what is wants to do, her art is truly remarkable.


An artist will spend a lifetime learning their craft, but at some point the need to give back, becomes important.  Adults can learn glass fusing and slumping at The Art Place in Marietta, GA or in her studio in Acworth, GA